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  • Saigon or “Sài Gòn” was the name of the capital of Viet Nam
    and also the biggest city not only in Viet Nam but also
    South East Asia. In 1975 Saigon became Ho Chi Minh City
    after the name of the leader of the communist government
    of North Viet Nam.
    Nowadays, Saigon is a very evocative name for Vietnamese
    people living outside the country. It is not just a name,
    the word Saigon evokes the great history and the beloved
    value that all South Vietnamese feel especially the
    Vietnamese Boat People and those who ran away from the
    Communists after 1975.
    The name of our restaurant is The Saigon because we relate
    to the beauty of this ancient city and its marvellous cuisine
    with the unique tastes of the Southern region of Vietnam.
    Saigon is a name that belongs to all South Vietnamese as
    they associate it with high quality culture and tradition.
    Here at The Saigon Restaurant we maintain the high
    standards of dining out and entertainment. We aim to give
    you, as our guests, the experience of the best in service,
    food and dining experience that we can offer you from this
    great tradition.
    We hope to give you an experience of dining that goes with
    keeping the memory of Saigon alive as a symbol of high
    quality. You mean a great deal to us just as our history and
    the name Saigon does. Welcome to the Saigon Restaurant!